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I’m Jessica, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m the author of Imperfect Courage and Founder of the socially conscious fashion brand Noonday Collection. Over the years, I’ve met so many women who are letting their fears sideline them. I have been there, too—and that’s why I wrote this book. In Imperfect Courage, I take you by the hand and lead you through your fears toward the life of impact and meaning you were made for. Ready to join me?

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My mission is help you move past your fears into the life of impact and purpose you were made to live. But to do that, we’ll need to find out where you stand on the courage spectrum (no judgment!).

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Want to be inspired by others who have chosen an imperfectly courageous way of life? The Going Scared Podcast is your go-to source for all things social impact, entrepreneurship, and courage. Listen in as I sit down with change-makers ready to share their secrets with you.

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  • A whole bunch of ladies stopped traffic so I could take my first ever “standing in the middle of the street while holding my book in front of a marquee with my name on it” photo. You know that phrase “fake it till you make it”? It’s a myth! I say “if you fake it, you won’t make it”. Girl, showing up as your real self is the best gift you can give to this world. BTW, it’s the version that we all want from you anyway! But being that person requires vulnerability. This was our conversation last night for the first ever live podcast recording for the Going Scared Podcast! Thank you Nashville for creating a space for us to talk about bulimia, grief, and failed adoption WITHIN THE FIRST TEN MINUTES. Thank you to my guests @radioamy and @theshineproject for leading the way for all of us last night! . .

I’ve seen lives changed by the shame-crushing power of vulnerability—which is why I wrote a whole section on it in my book! While we may be tempted to craft a glossy narrative that leaves out the pawn shops and office bathrooms {yes, our first office was the guest BATHROOM} and failing businesses, when we don’t include those setbacks, we’re writing a story that doesn’t allow others in. We’re all longing to be seen, heard, and known—and we can only get to that place if we allow ourselves to open the floodgates and let people in on our truth. We may be afraid of rejection, afraid that people will leave us—but I’ve always found abundant healing on the other side of taking that risk. And you? Where have you found healing in vulnerability’s embrace? #goingscaredpodcast #imperfectcourage
  • This week is exciting and fun a maybe appears to be a tad bit glamorous but lest you compare your beginning to my middle, this is where I was eight years ago—at the pawn shop, selling off jewelry my grandma and mom had gifted me for special occasions to pay for a website. Joe and I were piling on the credit card debt, 💸 our real estate business was barely treading water, with two littles and one on the way from Rwanda, tugging on my boyfriend jeans all day as we worked from my bathroom. 💁‍♀️ I took this photo at the post office because I couldn’t think of another place to weigh the gold before going to shop it around {this was round one}. I certainly couldn’t afford to buy a scale!

This might be you right now. You feel cornered, desperate and stuck. I want you to know that your current failure, vulnerability or weakness could very well lead to your courage, your wholeness, your dreams. I wrote this book as a hand reaching out, to help you stand. To let you know that being cornered by courage is exactly where you want to be. When we go scared, we are most definitely going to fall. Imperfect Courage is the story of getting back up. It’s the story of what happens when we reach up for help when we our cornered and our sisters reach out to get us back up on our feet again. 💪

Feeling cornered? I am with you, friend! Who is in your corner, helping you to stand? 💛 #imperfectcourage
  • “I come as one. I stand as ten thousand,” said Maya Angelou. My name may be on the cover of #ImperfectCourage but this isn’t a me story. It’s a story of us. When we step out of our “should” story and instead show up for the vulnerable and imperfect one that is only ours to live— we go up! And when we go up, we grab our sisters’ hand and take her with us. For the hundreds who came last night and the thousands who have already bought this book, thank you! I wrote it for you, truly, and so I am so glad you are going to read it! 🛫✈️🛫✈️🛫. Dallas, I am on the way to you today! Tomorrow I head to Nashville and then Atlanta. Tickets are in my profile. I would love to meet you! I would love to hug you {hand shakers, be warned!}, I would love to tell you that you are not small! In fact, you were made to change the world. ❤️♥️💚💜💙
  • Please welcome our newest addition 😂. Born August 14, 2018. Imperfect Courage. I promise the message will help you feel loved and known while also connecting you to stories of people around the world you will love and know by the end. To meet this little one, head on over to Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon or your local book store today. This book is a celebration of what happens when we show up for one another. Thank you for showing up for me. #imperfectcourage
  • On the eve of my first book launch of #ImperfectCourage , I want to celebrate how this crazy journey began. It began with a mom, saying yes to a son—and a son, saying yes back to her. If you don’t know, Jack is the unofficial co-founder of Noonday Collection. Because he is the one who sparked it all. When Joe and I found ourselves committed to adoption but in deep debt due to the recession, we knew we had to do whatever it took to bring our son home. We were desperate; and desperation, as they say, is the mother of invention. And so, one shaky step at a time, I invented this thing that would become my life’s work, and so many other people’s life work too. It started as a fundraiser, but it’s become so much more. And I keep thinking about what would have happened had fear stayed in my way. I have learned instead to make fear my friend. My hope is that this message helps you step into your story and simply learn to go scared.
  • Stop planning for the worse case scenario. Those what if’s will keep you paralyzed all your live long days. Close your eyes for a sec and imagine yourself on Friday. What do you want to feel? What do you want others to be experiencing about you? Plan for THAT vision. Lean into that today. Falling is a guarantee in life.... flying is for those that let go of controlling the perfect outcome and step off the cliff to the test the air. My heart for you, for us all, is that we fly. #mondaymotivation (meme is from the Internet inspired by a poem by Eric Hanson)
  • Why did I dedicate Imperfect Courage to my husband? Read on. 😍
You know in the Titanic where they arrive at the point of decision of who lives and who dies? In our house, I would most definitely need to be the one to die. My closest friends have already vowed to take turns living with me for the first year if anything were to happen to Joe. Yesterday he called me because it was raining outside, “You may want to stay where you are because your windshield wipers aren’t working just right.” He runs carpool for the boys, he makes breakfast every morning for the kids and lately he has been cooking dinner every night. Last week he took the kids shopping for new school shoes and made sure the birthday presents were bought for the weekend parties. He even took Amelie to her wellness check because I had something I couldn’t get out of. They talked about things together with the doctor I never would have talked about with my dad! 🤭He is my alarm clock every morning - waking me with a kiss and asking me how I am feeling {lately.... that nervous expectant thing is going on in my tummy, and he encourages me to get to the other side of the nerves and find trust.} 💙💜♥️❤️♥️💜💙❤️❤️💜♥️💙💚 My book dedication says, “To Joe, who made me a promise once that changed the world.” His promise on our wedding day was to do whatever he could to see God’s purpose accomplished in and through me. He didn’t know that would mean working a job he didn’t love to pay the bills before Noonday could pay me a salary {he eventually got to quit that job!}, or holding down the fort while I took frequent international trips, or calling babysitters and running carpools. ❤️💙
I may be the face... he is the hands and the feet and a whole lotta heart. He is so secure in who he is that it frees him up to hold me up. And, oh yeah, he is remodeling our house with his own two hands {the amount of men that crush on Joe is substantial}. This book.... it’s for him. #imperfectcourage
  • When I opened up this morning’s paper— the paper I have read for the last twenty years—  and see a photo of me surrounded by women I love, admire and respect, this Margaret Meade quote came to mind, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” This book tells the story of what happens when we own our voice- in spite of fear and insecurity. It’s the story of the revolution that happens when we UNchoose isolation and grab a sister’s hand instead. It’s a story that calls us to look across the globe and not see strangers but see ourselves. I wrote this book for you— purpose searching millennial, gold fish eating stay at home mom (I lived off gold fish for a few years!), ambitious world changer, and fellow sojourner who wants to make “her success doesn’t diminish mine,” more than just a freaking meme. You with me on this? Buy Imperfect Courage today and it will land on your doorstep Tuesday! Happy Saturday! #imperfectcourage
  • When you wake up thinking about Friday happy hour 🧀🍈 #tgif

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