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I’m the author of Imperfect Courage and Founder of the socially conscious fashion brand Noonday Collection. Over the years, I’ve met so many women who are letting their fears sideline them. I have been there, too—and that’s why I wrote this book. In Imperfect Courage, I take you by the hand and lead you through your fears toward the life of impact and meaning you were made for. Ready to join me?

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  • As we set out on this journey that is 2019, let's be brave enough to ask ourselves one simple but powerful question: What if? ⠀
What if we could build our own career ladders instead of climbing someone else’s? What if our co-workers could become the community we've been searching for? What if by styling our friends, we could change the world? 🤔 ⠀
As the Founder of @NoondayCollection, I’ve spent the last nine years witnessing the beautiful things that happen when women dare to ask themselves, "What if?" Over 2,000 women have asked themselves that question and found their answer in the Noonday Ambassador opportunity. 👏 ⠀
Ambassadors get to be part of something bigger than themselves. They get to band together with their Ambassador sisters from all over the country to support 4,500 Artisans around the the world, and that impact reaches 20,400 family members! They get to empower women in their own communities and across the globe. They get to help adopting families bring their children home--in fact, we recently reached $700,000 given to adopting families!! These tenacious women are literally changing the world while earning an income and making us all feel more confident about our style choices. Can I get an amen to that?? 🙌 ⠀
As if that's not enough to capture your interest, consider this -- today we’re launching a hugely awesome deal! Honestly, I think it’s the BEST deal we’ve EVER had! If you join the journey as an Ambassador now and hold your first qualifying Trunk Show during your first month, you’ll get to pick one of our best-selling, Artisan-made bags for FREE (up to $218!!) 🎊 ⠀
So, what do you say? Will you decide to push your fears aside and step out in courage instead? If the answer is yes, I would love to talk to you. DM me for more info. It would bring me so much joy to welcome you to our community! ♥️
  • Jalia was asked the question on a panel today, “What do you do when you feel like giving up?” She asked for the question to be repeated  because she didn’t understand it. Finally she replied, “When I feel like giving up, I show up. I just keep showing up.” It was a reminder to me that giving up is often a first world option that privilege has constructed. Don’t want to give up? Link your success with some for whom giving up is simply not an option. I am so thankful for this sister of mine. Social entrepreneurship is not all 🦄 and 🌈 but she reminds me that staying the course is the ONLY option.
Want to learn more about how Noonday is partnering with Artisans to change the world? Tap the Become an Ambassador link in my bio. #styleyourfriendschangetheworld #noondayshine2019
  • Can you spot a Spring 2019 sneak peeks?? 🔎 Last night we revealed the new Spring line to Ambassadors. You would have thought Bradley Cooper himself walked into the room THAT is how excited we were! It’s one of my favorite nights of the year because it has been 18 months in the making!
Less than 24 hours and we have taken one billion selfies, laughed until we cried listening to @amenabee , discussed international trade, heard our Kenyan artisan partner share how she is empowering women in her country, danced with our artisan partners to Pink, and stayed up way too late with all the wine. I am so humbled that this is my actual job.... and the crazy thing is that it can be yours, too! Today we are learning about how to serve our customers well from @megantamte , what we can do to disrupt the modern day slave trade from Melissa Russel of @ijm and how our jobs are uplifting women in India. Follow along with us at #NoondayShine2019 and know that if you have ever purchased from @noondaycollection that this is your story too! #styleyourfriendschangetheworld
  • You guys have prayed for and cheered on my dad when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer a few months ago. Today, he came to cheer me on at #NoondayShine2019 and I surprised him by sharing this story…. ⭐️
Now, let me warn you that you are about to experience the most privileged first-world teenager moment of my life: It’s my 16th birthday, and I’m hoping for a car exactly like my best friend Tara’s. We’re talking shiny, new, and with all the best tech -- the kind that had automatic seatbelts! But what I found on the lawn on my birthday was something I’d never seen or heard of. ⭐️
First of all: It was yellow. Like, urine yellow. Second of all: There was no automatic anything. Lastly, it was different, and this is *way* before I thought being different was cool. It was my grandad’s restored 1976 Ford Mustang that my dad had worked on for a year. “Wow. What is that?” I said. ⭐️
I got into six wrecks with that car. Yes, SIX. And after I got home on the day of that sixth wreck, I knew I was doomed. As I heard my dad’s boots walk towards my room after he got home from work, I braced myself. But when he opened my bedroom door, he was holding in his hands a giant bouquet of flowers instead and said he was sorry I had such a bad day. 💐 
In spite of my taking that Mustang gift for granted, he gave me grace. 
Today I’m here to offer YOU a bouquet of flowers. 💐 Have you been under appreciating what you have? Have you been dinging up what you have been given? I’m inviting you into a life of knowing and appreciating what you DO have. Stop minimizing your gifts, your talents, your time. They are not small just because they come naturally to you. When you realize you have exactly what you need and you invest what you’ve been given, you begin to create a legacy of love, grace, and world change in your wake. ♥️ We’ve all got a common lie that floats around in our hearts. It tell us that we don’t have what we need to do what we are called to do. It breeds a mindset of scarcity and self-doubt that prohibits us from doing one VERY important thing in life: appreciating what we DO have. ♥️ Instead of asking what you need, focus on what you’ve already been given.
  • We are putting in the final touches (like shower heads!) into our remodel. Our architect @bullockmcintyrestudio gave us the best advice: Decorate your home how you dress. So when it came to custom designing this handmade tile for our new pool bathroom from @fireclaytile I thought, “I would wear this as earrings!” 🏡
The first phase of our home remodel is nearly in the can. 🏡 The kids are out of the living room and hall closet and are back in their rooms. Want to see the transformation? My email peeps are going to be the first to see the reveal so make sure you are signed up at the link in profile. 💌
Speaking of remodeling, today on the @goingscaredpodcast I got to sit down with one of my design muses -  @thenester! Her book The Cozy Minimalist Home helps you unlock your home as a place where you can breathe - and not be choked out by all the STUFF {and I have some stuff, ya’ll}. Best of all, she gave me all the Pinterest tips.  I am so curious, do you guys use Pinterest on the regular? I have mainly avoided it out fear that I would fall like Alice in Wonderland into alllll those photos. And I have! And it’s glorious! Give me all the ways to use it!
  • Let me tell you something I know to be true about women: We are strong as hell. 💪🏽💪🏿💪🏻💪🏽
💪🏿💪🏻💪🏽💪🏾 Ana, Moon, Ann, and Jalia are a few of Noonday’s Artisan Business Partners. These ladies are my partners, my friends, and my sisters from Guatemala, India, Kenya, and Uganda.  They’ve overcome everything from severe gender bias to infrastructures that perpetuate a culture of violence against the poor, and through the blessing that is their partnership with Noonday, they’ve changed both the course of their families’ well-being and that of their communities.  They are business women that have taught me everything I know about imperfect courage. 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💪🏿💪🏾
Tomorrow, I sit down and interview them for a special episode of the @goingscared podcast. What do you want to know?  What questions do you want me to ask? Let me know below!
  • You best believe I woke up breaking out my best dance moves on a Monday because it’s my all time FAVORITE week of the year! 🎉💃🏼Today we have artisan friends arriving from Uganda, Kenya, India, and Guatemala. Later, FIVE HUNDRED sisters are descending upon Austin for our annual Noonday Gathering called Shine.☀️
☀️ 💫 Noonday’s Shine is like no other event on Earth. It’s a combo UN conference + TED Talk + Spring Launch Fashion Show + Goal setting/business building extravaganza. We all leave feeling ready to change the world and we all leave reminded that we already are. 💪
Life gets full, y’all - that’s one truth I know all too well. But I’m taking time in 2019 to be mindful of the good things. This job of mine plus the team working tirelessly behind the scenes at Noonday has me hitting my knees in thanks every day right now. 🙌🏽For real—I haven’t felt this much peace AND excitement at once since launching this biz 9 years ago.🎉
Your week may look like just another week, but let’s start it off with a dance any way? Even if it’s just your morning coffee or dry shampoo, pausing for a moment of gratitude works wonders. What about this week can you be grateful for? Let’s start a gratitude journal in the feed! 🎈#NoondayShine2019
  • I haven’t eaten any refined sugar since last year 😂😂. For real, though, I am doing some body experimentation right now. I used to yo yo diet until it made my dizzy then I totally stopped any and all sorts of dieting, embraced intuitive eating, and put all the energy I had previously spent trying to reach perfectionistic goals towards the inner healing I needed {Geneen Roth’s book women, food and god plus three years of therapy transformed me). 🥑🥑
Then I discovered the Enneagram last year and read this about my type 7: “They are enthusiasts who enjoy the pleasures of the senses and who don't believe in any form of self-denial.” ☺️🤦🏼‍♀️. Intuitive eating was important for me to learn AND boundaries are good too. It’s #choosingand for me. So every now and then I buckle down, bring an intense focus to what is going into my body and pay attention to how I feel. So far, adding more healthy fats and eating less refined crap has me feeling better than I want to admit. I have used this time to try out more foods by @sietefoods and eat more of God’s gift to the world: avocados (though guacamole with celery feels like a crime.) I didn’t want to tell you guys I was doing this because it brings a whole other level of accountability but I also wanted to learn from you: what eating patterns help you feel your best?
Here is my guacamole recipe: 4 avocados, 2 limes, and extremely generous amounts of garlic salt. Perfection for a Saturday!
  • My word for this year? H O M E. That is an unlikely word for me—esp considering I just booked plane tickets to India, Nepal and Thailand, but let me explain! Having been raised by an amazing stay at home mom whose husband told her to quit her job the day after they got married {Dad, 🤦🏼‍♀️}, I naturally assumed that a woman’s primary role was in the home. After getting married, my narrative was “Make lunch for your hubbie, fold, grocery shop, make the dinner.”
It took me years to realize that there wasn’t an instruction manual stating whose job it was to cook and that Joe was not some how doing me a favor when he shopped. Thankfully, he was like, “What on earth are you doing?” when I packed his lunch. But after having my first baby, my relationship with home became more complex. I felt trapped in my home because of nap time schedules and breast feeding. Home became the place I wanted to escape {which is why Target exists, right?}
Then I started Noonday, and suddenly I wasn’t spending much time at home at all. I have travelled more these past 8 years than my whole previous life combined. Recently, Joe became the primary home maker and I let the pendulum swing ☺️. I don’t think I prepared one meal in 2018 and I definitely didn’t match a sock. 🏡
This year, my intention is to invest in my home. My body is my home. My family is my home. My Noonday community is my home. My friends are my home. My church is my home. I am actually God’s home which truly blows my mind – I intend to meditate on that truth the entirety of 2019. 🏡
A few days in and I already made dinner three times! Instead of a quick prayer and a kiss, I have lingered at night with the kids. We had neighbors over for dinner Tuesday! This year, I am reclaiming and redefining what being a home maker is. So Instagram, I give you permission to remind me of this intention in 2019! And what about you? ♥️🏡♥️

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