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I’m Jessica, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m the author of Imperfect Courage and Founder of the socially conscious fashion brand Noonday Collection. Over the years, I’ve met so many women who are letting their fears sideline them. I have been there, too—and that’s why I wrote this book. In Imperfect Courage, I take you by the hand and lead you through your fears toward the life of impact and meaning you were made for. Ready to join me?

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My mission is help you move past your fears into the life of impact and purpose you were made to live. But to do that, we’ll need to find out where you stand on the courage spectrum (no judgment!).

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Want to be inspired by others who have chosen an imperfectly courageous way of life? The Going Scared Podcast is your go-to source for all things social impact, entrepreneurship, and courage. Listen in as I sit down with change-makers ready to share their secrets with you.

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  • Have you heard? Messy high pony tails are having a moment and I am here for it! What trends are you testing out this summer? {earrings from @noondaycollection are coming soon!}
  • It works! I tried out @moxielash for the first time. I needed a buddy but Becca has no previous magnetic lash experience.
  • You have probably heard the term born leaders but did you know that leadership can be learned? At Noonday, we are committed to growing up leaders all over the world! So we are spending the next couple of days diving into ourselves (self awareness is the first step to good leadership!) at our annual Amplify Leadership Summit for our business leaders who are invested in coaching and pouring into other women! Speaking of self awareness, I have done plenty of Facebook Lives from my office with these horns, unbeknownst to me, perfectly placed on my head 😈. We hosted all the Ambassadors (what we call our social entrepreneurs and stylists) at the office yesterday and did plenty of horn selfies 😂. Taking the bull by the horns! DM me if you want to join us. #noondayamplify
  • I have been on a journey of transformation over the past few months of learning how to enjoy the present moment and stop reaching for the next thing. ⁠⠀
This photo snapped in Rwanda a couple of weeks ago reflects a moment that I was truly able to experience in its fullest. ⁠Solange is a genocide survivor and a single mother. Eight years ago, she walked in on her youngest daughter being abused by her neighbor. With limited resources, Solange, in partnership with @ijm , went through a grueling two year trial to prosecute her daughter's perpetrator. ⁠👏⁠⠀
Because of Noonday’s connection with IJM, we were able to help Solange do what she loves most - sewing - to support her kids and keep them safe. ⁠⠀
She has been working at the co op now for four years. She has gained weight! Her daughter is thriving! When I texted this photo to my friend @melissakrussel , president of IJM North America, she texted back: “Look at her now, Jess. You just doing all the work for Solange and her little girl would be worth it, but you are impacting hundreds of Solange’s. You take that." And finally, I did. I took it. Instead of focusing on all the other women still facing insurmountable vulnerability, I appreciated this one moment and this one person.⁠💙⁠⠀
What is something right now that you deeply appreciate about yourself, your life, or your work? Let’s make a little space today to simply enjoy the view. 💙
  • While traveling internationally a couple of years ago, our kids asked what an Ugly American is. These are their tips on what to avoid. It’s hilarious! And helpful!
  • Good grief it’s hot down here. Do me a favor- if you know anyone living in Texas or Texas like conditions, text them and tell them it’s going to be OK. 🥵 They didn’t gain 20 pounds, it just got 20 degrees hotter. Tell them to wear the damn sleeveless top no matter how insecure they are about their old arms. Remind them that decent screen time boundaries will return when their kids stop reporting that even their eyelids sweat after five minutes outside. The good news is that this week almost 100 @noondaycollection Ambassadors are descending upon Austin for our annual leadership summit called Amplify. It’s an intense workout for those leadership muscles. And it will all be done in a cold + cute hotel and I won’t even care about any vitamin D conference room deficiency. 💕☀️ I love Austin. Unless it’s July.
  • What area of your life are you a beginner? Maybe you are a new mom or a new mom to teenagers or new to a city or learning a new routine or are in a new role at work? Our Fall 2019 Noonday lookbook just arrived to the home office and it's so freaking beautiful. But I was once NEW to this whole world of fashion, art direction and pulling together a look book! 💙⁠⠀
In fact, our first lookbook was shot in ONE DAY with a team of volunteers. 📸 I was so proud of it (and still am), but thinking back now it kind of felt like putting together one of those collage inspiration boards from my teenage years. 😂 Do you know the ones??⁠ But don't we always feel like frauds when we are beginners? The thing is, though, the first step towards mastery is simple: IT'S BEGINNING. ⁠⠀
So no matter how DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL this next collection and lookbook are, I am pausing today to remind myself, and you, of the beginning. May you have courage today to simply begin. 💙⁠⠀
Mark your calendars for launch day on 8/1! 🗓️ What pieces are you most looking forward to getting your hands on? Earrings? Bracelets? Bags?⁠
  • Camp laundry is real. This definitely deserves a margarita. 🍹☀️
  • How I feel about summer Fridays!!!!! Hitting the office in July feels wrong but summer Fridays feel so right. Tomorrow we pick up our kids from camp and next week we have almost one hundred of our @noondaycollection social entrepreneurs coming into town for our leadership summit! Good things to come. What goodness do you have coming?

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