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I’m Jessica, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m the author of Imperfect Courage and Founder of the socially conscious fashion brand Noonday Collection. Over the years, I’ve met so many women who are letting their fears sideline them. I have been there, too—and that’s why I wrote this book. In Imperfect Courage, I take you by the hand and lead you through your fears toward the life of impact and meaning you were made for. Ready to join me?

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My mission is help you move past your fears into the life of impact and purpose you were made to live. But to do that, we’ll need to find out where you stand on the courage spectrum (no judgment!).

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Want to be inspired by others who have chosen an imperfectly courageous way of life? The Going Scared Podcast is your go-to source for all things social impact, entrepreneurship, and courage. Listen in as I sit down with change-makers ready to share their secrets with you.

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  • I am heading to DC today (would LOVE to see you!!) My flight was supposed to leave at 6 this morning but thank God for Southwest... I chunked over some extra change last minute to change my flight and get another carpool drop off in. 🛩
Joe is making another dinner tonight, packing the lunches tomorrow, folding the laundry. And yet he still always asks if he can pick me up from the airport, he still rubs my feet at night and even puts my underwear in the right drawer! When I need to practice self compassion- I just imagine what Joe would say to me. ❤️♥️💜
We met through an organization called Food for the Hungry and we lived in Guatemala during our entire engagement. Our purpose is to create opportunity for the world’s poor through dignified jobs and sometimes that looks like planes and writing books and sometimes that looks like dishes and laundry. But it’s the same purpose. ❤️
I have been to the poorest slums in India, I have held hands with women who have been assaulted in Uganda, I have stood in a room of women rescued in Ethiopia. I have seen what a good job means for them. I see how Jalia has transformed her entire community because women showed up for me one night to buy her things. And I imagine the Jalias that are stuck right now... the women who have immense potential but just need a sister to reach out a hand. I write books and get on planes and head to the office between trips for them... in hopes that you, too, will accept the invitation— the invitation to stand up and step into your story, the invitation to look around the globe to see sisters not strangers. If  you are wondering what the solution is to the problems we see— go take a look in the mirror. It’s us. If you want to do that via @noondaycollection , DM me and I will have some one get back to you. Fifty women made the decision to become ambassadors with Noonday Collection last week! And Joe is celebrating that as much as anyone. ♥️
  • If you haven’t discovered accessories yet, let me tell you something. I am wearing the shirt I slept in last night, the eye makeup from yesterday (ain’t going to waste a makeup job), and I would be feeling pretty ordinary IF IT WASN’T FOR ALL THESE GOLD LAYERS. Try it for yourself and tell me you don’t feel a little extra when you pop on some jewels (everything is by @noondaycollection aside from the courage necklace- a gift from @jesussaidlove ).
  • Today on the #GoingScaredPodcast I turn the table and interview the podcast queen herself @jamieivey. 🎧We are real life friends but for some reason I picked a recorded conversation to bring up something I had never talked about with her before... and she went with it! ⠀ ⠀
In honor of sisterhood — which is what the bulk of our convo is about — I want to give away some of our favorite Noonday pieces, a copy of #ImperfectCourage and a copy of Jamie’s book, If You Only Knew. 🙌 Here’s how to enter:⠀ ⠀
1. Follow @jamieivey and @jessicahonegger.⠀
2. Tag your soul sister or real life sister below.⠀
3. We’ll choose a winner on Friday!
  • We can’t build things alone. Noonday certainly wasn’t. My book wasn’t written alone in a cabin in the woods. The myth of the solopreneur is a lie, and the alternative is so much better. When we lean on each other’s gifts, wisdom, know-how and energy, things are so much more interesting. Competition is fine. Collaboration is a lot more fun.⠀
When I find another CEO who has done what few have been able to do, I want to be around them. That's why I stopped by to have coffee with @megantamte, founder of @evereve, when I was in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago. Over half of businesses fail within 5 years and 8 out of 10 businesses fail before they reach 10 years. And building a woman-led business is even more rare, with only 4.2% of total revenue generated by female-led businesses. That’s why I’m convinced more than ever that we need each other.⠀
As you chase your new endeavor, do u need to borrow courage today? Have you started something but are now hatching your escape plan because the rubber is meeting the road? Find some one who believes in you. Borrow courage.⠀
Tag a person below who needs to know that YOU BELIEVE IN HER!
  • ☀️What is your definition of success? When I consider whether or not I’m succeeding, the question I ask myself is: am I walking this journey in a way that’s aligned with my values? Values like love, authenticity, generosity, courage, and compassion? Am I using what I have been given, or am I focused on what some one else has been given? Am I focused on a win/loose outcome or I am valuing the journey as much as the destination? 🎼
.  I like to think about life as a song, where we all have specific notes to hit and parts to play. The important thing is to focus on hitting your notes, and not trying to play a part that’s not yours to play. In other words, success for me is about being faithful to own my gifts, my own impact, and my own influence in the world — and letting go of the results I can’t control. Success isn’t about arriving at a destination, it’s about the journey that got you there. You were made to shine— not to outshine.
  • I have been off the internet since Friday 🤭. I literally delete social from my phone because my brain has built these crazy pathways that put my thumbs on autopilot! I will go to check a text and then suddenly am looking at what Kim Kardashian is up to. I will go to see what time an upcoming meeting is, and find myself answering DM’s about my shoes (so many about these shoes!). So delete, people! I promise you can just put it right back on your phone— nothing is lost. ✏️
In scrolling through my DM’s, the most asked question is: where is this shirt from? It’s from @anthropologie . Shoes are from @neimanmarcus from a couple of years ago so you probably won’t have luck there. Earrings are by my fave accessories company @noondaycollection . They are made of golden grass that only grows in this one tiny region of Brazil. And the photo is by @amybpaulson — my brand new friend who asked if she could meet me in Grand Rapids and straight up offered to pray for me when I told her I was nervous about giving a brand new talk.❤️💜💜♥️
I did some instastories last week about networking and got so many questions that I am going to write an email about it so make sure you are subscribed to my list.... but this photo is a great example of some one who said, “I like how you show up in the world and I want to be a part of it.” And now- boom- we are friends. Offer what you have— and just keep offering until some one says, “Sure!” Do it with no strings attached. Keep doing it. You aren’t networking- you are loving others well!
  • If I tell you three of my favorite things will you tell me yours? 1️⃣ Kombucha. The first time I tried it, I hated it so much that Whole Foods comped me! Did you know if you try something out for the first time and hate it, they will give it to you for free? But, like beer, it has grown on me. Now it’s my afternoon treat. 2️⃣ Eyelash extensions: @jaclyndowdle gave me a gift certificate one time when she used to work for me. It started an “I can’t live without them,” habit. However, I do it for the rest as much as for the eyes. When else do your eyes get TAPED SHUT so you can’t multitask? 3️⃣ My couch! The couch, plus wine, Netflix, my kids by my side and me begging for some one to rub my feet is my ideal evening. It’s a wonder I ever leave! I am currently counting down the hours to my couch and coerced foot rub! YOUR TURN! #fridayintroductions
  • I loved reading all of your responses to the #choosingAND post from earlier this week and wanted you to see some of them. 💛Embracing paradox frees us from the paralysis of perfectionism. 🙌 The hard part is not giving into that constant drumbeat that tells us we have to pick one or the other. We don't have to color in coloring books. We can live outside the lines! Let’s opt for painting giant white canvases with as many colors that make us “us”. 🌈✨
  • ⭐Read on for a #Giveaway!⭐ One of the themes you’ve resonated the most with in Imperfect Courage is the idea of choosing to be an “and” in an “either/or” world. The world that tells us we can’t be both a great mom and a great employee. That we can’t shop fair trade and also love a good Target run. That we can’t be committed to our health and also find chips and queso completely irresistible (this one is deeply personal for me, y’all).😇⠀
Choosing “and” is about saying: I don’t fit into a neat little box. And that’s okay. You know what? Book sellers didn’t know what category to put this book in because it truly didn't fit a category! 🤷‍♀️If you find yourself not fitting into a nice and neat category, this book is for you.⠀
What are 2️⃣ things you can do at the same time? Share with me below for the chance to win the Balance Necklace from @noondaycollection plus a signed copy of #ImperfectCourage!⠀
1⃣Follow @jessicahonegger and @noondaycollection⠀
2⃣Fill in the blank below: I can be/do ______ & _______. Ex: I can be strong & sensitive. I can be a devoted mom & an awesome businesswoman. I can make my kids organic meals & make a weekly mcdonald’s run. ⠀
3⃣I'm choosing 3 winners to receive a necklace + book on Friday, September 14th.

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